Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety manifests itself in a lot of ways: constant worry, difficulty sleeping, tightness in your chest, overthinking even minor situations, restlessness, and constantly second-guessing your decisions to name a few.

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Group Therapy

Anxiety can be a vicious cycle. Just when you feel ready to stand up and do something about it, your anxiety stops you and it continues on and on. Worse yet, many people suffering from anxiety think they're the only one, or that their anxiety is different, unique and untreatable.

Group Therapy

Life Coaching

Have you ever wondered whether life coaching is something for you? Most people who want help with a problem may not want psychotherapy, but rather shorter-term problem-solving.

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Want My Top Anxiety Tips? Sign Up Here!

Want My Top Anxiety Tips? Sign Up Here!


Hello. I'm Nathaniel.

Ever feel like you're trapped in a cyclone of self-imposed negativity? No matter how great your life is going, you second guess yourself, think about everything that might go wrong, and all the things people might think about you. Sound familiar? Well, you'd be surprised how many people walk around with chronic anxiety thinking there's nothing they can do about it. But I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. Ready to clear out the mental clutter that's holding you back?

My name is Nathaniel Cilley, and I'm a passionate New York City therapist who specializes in helping people from all walks of life conquer their anxiety and stress. I'm passionate about improving my clients' lives through anxiety treatment, stress management, and life coaching services. Together, we can take your first steps forward, get your brain unstuck, and bring your life to new heights.