Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy

Anxiety can be a vicious cycle. Just when you feel ready to stand up and do something about it, your anxiety stops you and it continues on and on. Worse yet, many people suffering from anxiety think they're the only one, or that their anxiety is different, unique and untreatable.

Group therapy is a great chance to test the waters and see how anxiety treatment can change your life in a safe environment, while meeting other people with similar experiences.

There are many benefits unique to group therapy. Anxiety affects people from all walks of life, who view and solve problems very differently than you might. By being exposed to new points of view, it can help contextualize your own thought processes. Also, the social aspect of group therapy can help you stay on track through the ongoing support of your peers.

In fact, many join group therapy in addition to individual therapy for the extra support it provides, and the combination of the two can lead to valuable long-term change.

It's also a less expensive option for those on a tighter budget, or those who want to get an idea of what anxiety therapy is like without jumping in head first.

What to Expect

Group sessions consist of small, closed groups participating in an interactive anxiety workshop. There's no unrealistic expectation to "bear your soul" to the group, or share more than you're comfortable with. We introduce the four groups of irrational beliefs that lead to anxiety, and give you all the necessary tools to deal with overthinking, avoidance, procrastination, reassurance-seeking, and other anxiety-driven thoughts and behaviors.

While these group sessions won't get as detailed or as personal as individual therapy, they still cover the same basic principles, and anxiety management techniques. But beyond everything, group therapy reminds you that you're not alone. Sometimes all you need is an extra push to clear out those mental cobwebs.

How to Get Started

Group therapy doesn’t have to feel like diving into unknown waters. When you decide group therapy is right for you, we don't throw you into the deep end. Call or e-mail me, and we'll start with a one-on-one screening so you can ask questions, and we can determine together if group therapy seems like the right fit for you.

Once we're both ready to move forward, we'll schedule you into an agreed upon group, and the process begins with the other group members.

Until you take the first step, nothing will change - so get in touch, and reserve your slot today!

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