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Be Your Own Best Friend

Life is really tough! Sometimes, it can feel unbearable. During the trying and turbulent times, it’s really easy to be hard on ourselves. Especially when this kind of hurtful self-talk is something we’re used to doing. Beating ourselves up can often feel productive and even helpful as if not accepting the mistakes we make and…

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Post-Holiday Survival, Now What?

The holidays can be a trying time for most of us. After all, it’s very difficult to be taken out of our familiar surroundings, placed in a confined space with limited areas to escape to, and have family members from all over crammed into the same tight living quarters. What used to be a two-bedroom…

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The Happiest Depressed Person You’d Ever Meet

One of the most common questions I get asked is “What if my depression never goes away?” or “What if I have anxiety problems for the rest of my life?” These questions are legitimate ones, and given the difficulty of managing anxiety and depression, I can understand the sentiment. However, some of the shortcomings of…

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